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Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

Fight Outside Rogers Park ‘L’ Station Investigated By CPD Civil Rights Unit

A fight in the 1600 block of West Howard Street is being investigated by the Chicago Police's Civil Rights unit.

A fight in the 1600 block of West Howard Street has resulted in accusations of a hate crime.
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ROGERS PARK — A fight on Howard Street on Thursday resulted in one person with a fractured face, accusations of homophobia and an investigation by Chicago Police’s Civil Rights unit.

Billie Kincaid was walking home from the Howard Street Red Line stop Thursday night when they saw a woman from a previous encounter on the Red Line platform.

In the previous encounter, Kincaid intervened when the woman allegedly “harassed” two African American men who she accused of smoking on the train station platform, Kincaid said. Kincaid interjected, saying, “We don’t like racists in the neighborhood,” Kincaid told Block Club.

So when Kincaid saw that woman walking outside of the Howard Street station Thursday, Kincaid said, “Hey, it’s the racist lady from the from the Red Line.”

The woman responded by calling Kincaid a homophobic slur, Kincaid said.

The exchange led to a near-physical confrontation between Kincaid and a man who was walking with the woman, Kincaid said. The groups separated, but as they went their separate ways, Kincaid yelled back to the woman, “Racist, homophobe, classist bigot.”

That caused the man accompanying the woman to walk back toward Kincaid.

“That’s when he hauled off and punched me in the eye,” Kincaid said.

The punch caused a facial fracture and a cut that required four stitches to close, Kincaid said.

Chicago Police have confirmed the altercation, which happened at about 5:30 p.m. Thursday in the 1600 block of West Howard Street. Kincaid was taken by first responders to St. Francis Hospital for treatment, police said.

The incident is being investigated by the department’s Civil Rights unit, but has not yet been labeled as a hate crime, a police source said. Video of the incident allegedly shows Kincaid shouting at the man as he attempts to walk away and again before the physical confrontation, the source said. Kincaid confirmed those actions to Block Club.

Kincaid shared photos of the alleged attackers on Facebook, asking Rogers Park residents to be on the lookout for a “pair of violent homophobes.” The post has been shared almost 1,000 times.

Kincaid, who has lived in Rogers Park since 2013, said they were disappointed to see this kind of hatred in the neighborhood.

“It’s kind of surprising and really disappointing,” Kincaid said.

No arrests have been made in the incident, police said.