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Almost 250 Cars Towed During 1st Night Of Winter Parking Ban

The ban is in place until April 1.

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DOWNTOWN — Hundreds of cars were towed when the city’s overnight parking ban kicked in Sunday.

The ban limits drivers from parking on more than 100 miles of “vital arterial streets” between 3 and 7 a.m., according to the Department of Streets and Sanitation. It starts Dec. 1, and 248 cars were towed this Sunday, according to the Department of Streets and Sanitation.

People who have their cars towed face a $150 fee for towing and $20 daily for car storage, as well as a $60 ticket.

The city can sell cars that are towed if the owners can’t pay the fees and ticket — and last year more than 100 drivers lost their cars that way, according to WBEZ.

Investigations from WBEZ have shown the city loses money on enforcing the ban and cars are more likely to be towed on days when it doesn’t snow.

The ban is a precautionary measure in case the city needs to plow the streets after a snowfall, but it remains in effect even if it doesn’t snow.

More than 9,500 cars were towed last year due to the ban, according to the Sun-Times.

If your car gets hauled away, you can locate it using the city’s database of towed vehicles.

The ban is in effect until April 1 and is enforced regardless of the weather.