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Retro CTA Cars That Retired In The ’90s Will Take You Around The Loop On Tuesday

The event is part of the CTA's Customer Appreciation Day to mark its 72nd anniversary.

The 6000-series CTA cars were retired in 1992.
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DOWNTOWN — Vintage CTA cars will whisk Chicagoans around The Loop as part of the agency’s 72nd anniversary Tuesday.

The CTA’s 6000-series cars were retired in 1992, but they’ll be back to mark Customer Appreciation Day on Tuesday. Riders will be able to take the vintage “L” cars around The Loop in honor of the anniversary of the CTA, which became an operating entity on Oct. 1, 1947.

When the cars first came out in 1950 they were a “total departure in rapid transit car design for Chicago,” according to the CTA’s website. The 6000-series car were lighter than their wood-and-steel forebearers and used all-electric propulsion, according to the agency.

The trains made up the bulk of the CTA’s “L” fleet but individual cars started to be retired in the ’70s, according to the CTA. The last of the cars made its final run on Dec. 4, 1992, before being retired.

Those who didn’t manage to nab tickets for a ride Tuesday still have a shot: The CTA will let anyone ride the cars on a first come, first served basis 12:30-2 p.m. with trains leaving from the Washington side of the Washington/Wabash station.

The rides last about 15 minutes.