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Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Avondale

A Thief Stole The Skulls From A Skeleton Display That Has Delighted Logan Square Neighbors All Year

Kevin McClintock keeps plastic skeletons on his Logan Square porch, changing their clothes and poses with each holiday to humor his neighbors.

A thief was captured on surveillance video stealing the skulls from the skeletons on this Logan Square porch.
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LOGAN SQUARE — Kevin McClintock hasn’t just lost his head — he’s lost two of them.

McClintock keeps a display of plastic skeletons on his Logan Square porch year-round, changing their outfits and positions to match the holidays. The skeletons had been in place since last Halloween without incident, delighting McClintock’s toddler and neighbors in the 2000 block of North Humboldt Boulevard. The most recent display featured the skeletons trying to escape a pair of skeletal dogs.

But late Tuesday, someone stole the skulls off two of the skeletons.

McClintock didn’t notice the theft until Wednesday morning when he went onto the porch to say goodbye to his wife.

“We walked out and there were just no heads,” he said. “It’s such a super bummer.

“I do different holiday themes on them and have them set up and have gotten anonymous notes from people on the porch about how excited they are. But nobody ever stole anything.”

McClintock looked at surveillance video of his porch and found the culprit: About 11 p.m. Tuesday, a woman dashed onto the porch, ripped the skulls off two skeletons and drove off.

Watch the video:

The skeletons are cheap, plastic Home Depot decorations, McClintock said, and he had more skulls set up on his lawn as part of the display so he just popped those onto the headless skeletons.

But McClintock can’t understand why the woman took the decorations, and he said it’ll prevent him from buying more in the future “because it’s just such a bummer.”

“I could understand drunk people having a lot of fun or little kids doing it on a dare, but this is just some adult — who I definitely don’t know based on the booty shorts — who just wanted to come and steal it,” McClintock said.

It seemed like the woman knew what she was doing, McClintock said, since the skulls had electric wiring in them but the woman ripped through the wires quickly before taking off.

McClintock didn’t report the theft to police because he doesn’t know what they’d do, he said. He had his bike stolen when he was 12 and joked that they never recovered it.

“I bet they haven’t improved all that much and aren’t going to put a lot of money and time toward some cheap skeleton heads,” he said.

McClintock said the displays will continue for now. He started them last Halloween and continued after the holiday because they amused his daughter, 2-year-old Rocket.

For Christmas he gave one skeleton, who was posed to look like he was stringing up lights, a Santa hat and beard. On Valentine’s Day one skeleton was Cupid and the other skeleton had dozens of arrows going through its head.

Neighbors leave McClintock encouraging notes, telling him to “keep it up” or saying their kids love to come by and see the scenes, McClintock said.

Maybe the woman can use the stolen skulls to do something productive, too, McClintock said.

“I hope she uses them in her own decor and that she uses it to inspire her art and inspire neighbors because that might be a good use of her time,” McClintock said.

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Kevin McClintock dresses up skeletons on his porch for the holidays.