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Love Or Hate Chicago’s Scooters? A City Survey Is Asking For Your Feedback

The scooters racked up nearly 675,000 rides in three months, an official said. The pilot ends in mid-October.

JUMP offered scooters during the pilot program.
JUMP Scooters
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CHICAGO — Whether you love scooters or hate them, the city wants to hear about it.

An online survey launched Tuesday so Chicagoans could share their thoughts on the city’s e-scooter pilot, which started in June. The pilot ends on Oct. 15 and the survey results will help the city evaluate how the pilot went, according to a news release.

The survey is available online.

“With nearly 675,000 rides completed in three months, it is clear that there is demand for scooters in Chicago,” said Kevin O’Malley, CDOT managing deputy commissioner. “Total ridership, however, is just one of the many factors we will be taking into account to evaluate the pilot, along with safety, the impact on residents, particularly individuals with disabilities, operator performance and the impact on our transportation network.”

The survey asks respondents if they want scooters to remain in Chicago, what they know about scooter rules in the city and if they had a good or bad experience with scooters, among other things.

The scooters quickly racked up thousands of rides, with advocates saying they were more environmentally friendly and gave people more transportation options.

They have not been without controversy, though: Riders and pedestrians have been injured by scooters and scooter riders and nine of the companies participating in the pilot have been cited for various offenses.

The city will use the survey results along with injury reports, feedback from communities and stakeholder groups and detailed ridership data to evaluate the pilot and determine what to do with scooters in the future.