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CTA Now Giving Away ‘Baby On Board’ Buttons To Help Pregnant Riders

The CTA will mail pregnant people a "baby on board" button so other travelers can give up their seat to the wearers.

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CHICAGO — The CTA is now sending pregnant people free “baby on board” buttons in hopes it’ll help them get seats on trains and buses.

The agency announced it would start sending out the buttons on Monday, days after a group called the Mom Project said it’d hand out “baby on board” buttons, too, to help moms-to-be. The Mom Project is giving away its buttons on Tuesday.

Pregnant people will be able to wear the buttons while traveling so those around them know the wearer might need a seat. CTA riders are not required to give up their seats to pregnant people, but agency said it hopes the buttons will “encourage riders to remember the importance of being courteous.”

Those interested in a CTA button can fill out a form online. The CTA will mail buttons to applicants for free, with delivery expected in six to eight weeks.

The buttons are blue with the silhouette of a pregnant person and the CTA logo. They say, “Baby on board! Could we please sit down?”