Meet the candidates for Pet Mayor of Edgewater

EDGEWATER — After campaigning from springtime into the dog days of summer, the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce will announce the Pet Mayor of Edgewater on Sunday.

At this weekend’s Edgefest — Edgewater’s annual two day festival — festival goers can meet the pet mayor candidates on Saturday. The winning pet will be announced Sunday and will then lead a pet parade to highlight Edgewater as a pet friendly neighborhood.

The competition has been stiff with four dogs, a lone cat and even a goat. Here is a quick look at the candidates:

Titus – 2-year-old male. “An Appetite For Change”

Wrigley – 2-year-old male. “Where Every Tail Is Wagging And Every Whisker Welcome.”

Ballew – 9-year-old male. “Keep Edgewater Ballew-tiful.”

Bug – 4-year-old female. “A Paw-litician for Edgewater.”

Winston – 8-year-old male. “Win with Win!”

Pax – 1-year-old male. “Unconditional Love, You Goat This Edgewater!”

Each vote costs $1 and the proceeds go to Care for Real — an Edgewater based charity organization that provides clothes, food and counseling services to those in need.

As of last week, the standings showed Ballew was in first place, with Winston close behind. Wrigley was in third pace, Pax the goat was in fourth place, while Titus and Bug rounded out fifth and sixth place, respectively.

The Edgewater Chamber reported that so far they have received 11,000 votes — meaning at least $11,000 will go to Care for Real in order to help the community.

If you want to vote, there is still time. Click here to vote as many times as you like (but each vote will cost you a dollar).

If you haven’t had a chance to meet the candidates you can do so at Edgefest on Saturday. WGN’s Sean Lewis is emceeing a pet costume contest. Twitter @JCB_Journo