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With 16 State Troopers Hit By Cars This Year, Leaving 3 Dead, Officials Push For Harsher Penalties

Proposed law would hike fines for drivers who speed by pulled-over emergency vehicles.

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CHICAGO — Officials want drivers to face stiffer penalties for speeding past police cars and other emergency vehicles.

Drivers already can be cited and fined for passing stationary emergency cars when their lights are flashing under the state’s Scott’s Law. The newly proposed legislation, Senate Bill 1862, would increase fines, add a question about the law on driving tests and create a task force to suggest improvements.

The changes were proposed during a brutal year for state troopers: 16 have been hit by cars so far this year, with three killed.

Scott’s Law is supposed to protect emergency workers by requiring drivers to slow and, if possible, change lanes or leave a safe distance when they see an emergency worker pulled over with lights flashing.