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Can’t Get A Ride Today? It Could Be Because Uber, Lyft Drivers Are Striking

Some drivers are asking would-be riders to boycott Lyft and Uber on Wednesday in solidarity.

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CHICAGO — Ride-hailing drivers are asking you to catch the “L,” take the bus or walk on Wednesday.

That’s because drivers for ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft are striking throughout the world as they push for reforms and better pay. And while some drivers for the companies are still taking to the road, others are turning off the apps, refusing to drive Wednesday and asking would-be riders to temporarily boycott the apps, too.

Uber and Lyft are taking larger and larger cuts out of their drivers’ earnings, organizers say. Coupled with more drivers on the street, that makes it harder to earn a living wage. Some also want reforms that will force the companies to be more transparent and to do more to protect drivers and passengers.

In Chicago, members of Chicago Rideshare Advocates and Uber and Lyft drivers plan to demonstrate outside City Hall and hold a news conference. The demonstration is expected to run from 3 to 5 p.m.

“Over the past three years the number of rideshare vehicles in Chicago has quadrupled to more than 117,000, making it nearly impossible for drivers to earn a living,” Chicago Rideshare Advocates said in a news release.