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Man Wrongfully Convicted Of Daley Center Rape Should Get $4.5 Million From City, Lawyers Recommend

Aldermen will also weigh a recommendation from city attorneys to pay a man shot by police in 2009 $300,000.

The Chicago Picasso is located in front of the Daley Center.
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CHICAGO — A man who served 11 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of raping a court clerk at the Daley Center should be paid $4.5 million, city lawyers recommended Friday.

Carl Chatman, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being convicted of a May 2002 rape and assault in a Daley Center courtroom. A clerk at the Daley Center said he raped her while threatening her with scissors.

However, in September 2013, Cook County prosecutors asked a judge to overturn Chatman’s conviction, saying they no longer believed a sexual assault took place and that the allegation was part of a scheme to defraud Cook County.

Chatman was arrested while walking near the Daley Center, was identified by the woman, and confessed to the crime.

However, a Chicago Police detective filed a report with the internal affairs office shortly after Chatman’s confession alleging that a detective physically abused Chatman and forced him to sign a confession.

The woman lost thousands of dollars at a casino and was notified by the IRS that they planned to audit her tax returns in the weeks before the incident. The woman eventually settled her lawsuit for $500,000, according to court records.

The Cook County Board of Commissioners agreed to pay Chatman $3.7 million to settle his wrongful conviction claim in November 2018.

Aldermen will also weigh a recommendation from city attorneys to pay a man shot by police officers in 2009 $300,000 to settle his lawsuit alleging his Constitutional rights were violated.

Police officers shot Lewis Ball after he fled a traffic stop on Dec. 29, 2009. Ball’s car became stuck in snow, and he alleges officers used excessive force when they shot him after he surrendered. The officer involved said he believed Ball had fired at other officers when he fired on Ball’s car.

Aldermen will also consider paying $380,000 to Katherine Ruark, who filed a premises liability complaint against the city.