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This Lovely Warm Weather Will Be Gone Soon — And We Could Get Snow This Weekend

Temperatures could drop to the 25 degrees in one hour after the "pneumonia" front hits.

Snowfall in 2018.
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DOWNTOWN — If you’re basking in this 60+ degree weather, enjoy it while you can — “pneumonia” front hitting the city Thursday afternoon will snap you out of that spring fever.

The front is coming south from Wisconsin and is expected to sweep over the city and lakefront, sending temperatures plunging by up to 25 degrees within an hour, said Andrew Krein, a National Weather Service meteorologist. He expects temperatures to start dropping along the lakefront by 4 or 5 p.m.

And while the term “pneumonia” front might sound bad, Krein said it’s just a phrase used by “weather geeks.”

“Really, all that means is the temperature will drop off really quickly after that cold front passage,” Krein said.

Chicago will likely see temperatures in the upper 30s by 7 p.m., Krein said.

The weather will stay cooler throughout the weekend, with high temperatures in the 40s and high 30s expected until Sunday. Rain and snow are possible Friday night and Saturday.