Dr. Vaishali Joshi has opened a new vet clinic, Wagnolia, in Uptown. Credit: JONATHAN BALLEW/BLOCK CLUB CHICAGO

UPTOWN — Wagnolia, a new veterinary clinic, is open for business in Uptown, offering a cozy setting the owner hopes will foster a “stress-free environment” for pets.

Named for its location at 4600 N. Magnolia Ave., the new clinic is small with just one lead veterinarian and two technicians working out of the space. But the small clinic is by design, veterinarian Dr. Vaishali Joshi said.

Joshi said she wanted to open a clinic focused on personalized care and continuity. At Wagnolia, pets won’t see multiple doctors like at other vet clinics. Instead, they will always see Joshi and her team.

Joshi said she was really excited about the location because Uptown’s vibe fits her practice.

Wagnolia is located at 4600 N. Magnolia Ave. Credit: JONATHAN BALLEW/BLOCK CLUB CHICAGO

“I love Wilson Avenue,” she said. “There is a lot going on here and it’s such a cool and inclusive community.”

Joshi said opening a clinic in Uptown has helped the area, too, as it is a bit of a “vet desert.”

“I wanted to be in an area where I felt comfortable with the vibe and the community but to also make sure I was filling a need,” she said.

Many of her newest patients live right around the corner but haven’t had access to veterinary care nearby.

“Most of my new cats and dogs are senior pets who haven’t seen a vet in a long time,” she said. “Now they have a place to go that is easily accessible to their owners.”

Although she mostly sees dogs and cats, Joshi is not opposed to helping more exotic pets. She has a small partnership with Chicago Bird Collision Monitors — a volunteer group that helps injured wild birds.

Central to her practice is providing a “stress-free environment” for pets and their owners. Each new patient gets a full hour with Joshi so that they can feel comfortable in a new environment. 

“We really want to avoid the domino effect, where a pet has a bad experience at the vet and every time after it gets worse,” she said. 

Joshi encouraged pets and their owners to “stop by anytime,” even without an appointment. The office has a scale in the lobby where dog owners can pop in to get their pet weighed. And of course, there are plenty of treats for especially good pets.

As an introductory rate, Joshi is offering new clients $1 dollar visits. She said the deal will continue through the end of March.

The lobby inside Wagnolia vet clinic. Credit: JONATHAN BALLEW/BLOCK CLUB CHICAGO
Wagnolia encourages pet owners to pop in anytime to have their pet weighed on the lobby’s walk-up scale. Credit: JONATHAN BALLEW/BLOCK CLUB CHICAGO
Although the clinic is small, Dr. Joshi says she can provide all major veterinarian services. Credit: JONATHAN BALLEW/BLOCK CLUB CHICAGO
An exam table at Wagnolia. Credit: Jonathan Ballew/ Block Club Chicago

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