The CTA is adding several vending machines to stations throughout the city. Including the salad vending machine Farmer's Fridge. Credit: Flickr/ David Wilson, Farmer's Fridge

CHICAGO — Vending machines with phone charging packs, healthy meal options and more are coming to several CTA “L” stations.

MobileQubes vending machines will dispense battery charging packs. Credit: MobileQubes

The machines, which will be placed in select CTA stations as part of a trial program, are expected to be up and running this spring, according to a CTA news release. Riders will be able to use the vending machines to get photos, charge their phones while on the go or to get snacks.

MobileQubes vending machines will dole out charging packs for cellphones that riders can buy or rent. Rented charging packs can be returned at any machine with a $4.99 fee to start with; having them for more than one day will cost 99 cents per day. There will be 35 vending machines at 26 stations, most of them along the Red Line, according to the CTA.

The Chicago Red Line station will get a photo booth that customers can use to take souvenir shots or passport and ID photos.

And Farmer’s Fridge vending machines, which offer fresh salads, soups, sandwiches and other snacks, will be installed at the Grand Red Line, Fullerton, Indiana Green Line and Damen Pink Line stations.

The companies behind the machines will pay to install and maintain them, according to the CTA. Twitter @BauerJournalism