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Need A Romantic Movie For Valentine’s Day? ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Is Chicago’s Favorite, Report Says

"Beauty and the Beast" is even more popular than uber-hit "Titanic" among people in Chicago, according to a new report.

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DOWNTOWN — Chicagoans looking for a fairytale romance — or a movie about one, at the least — might choose Disney this Valentine’s Day.

Chicagoans are more into “Beauty and the Beast” than other people tend to be, according to a new report from Streaming Observer. The 1991 animated movie follows a French girl, Belle, who falls in love with and rescues a prince who has been turned into a beast. A live-action remake was released in 2017.

Streaming Observer put together the report by making a list of the most popular romantic movies and then using analytics and Google Trends data to see which movies were tops in each state.

Overall in Illinois, the 2011 British film “Weekend” was the most popular among those searching for a romantic film. “Weekend” follows two men who develop a deep connection over the course of a weekend.

But in the city, Chicagoans favored “Beauty and the Beast,” “Titanic” and ’90s hit “Ghost,” the report found.

Illinois ranks 16th among all states and the District of Columbia when it comes to who’s the most obsessed with romantic movies in general, according to the report.

Romantic movies Chicago searches for the most:

  1. “Beauty and the Beast”
  2. “Titanic”
  3. “Ghost”
  4. “Once”
  5. “Carol”

Check out the state-by-state rankings here.