Credit: Upper Deck Golf

MUSEUM CAMPUS — Soldier Field has hosted football, of course, and soccer, also concerts, heavyweight boxing fights, hockey. Even ski jumping.

In June, golf will come to the lakefront stadium as anyone ponying up $84.99 can hit 18 balls from the stadium’s upper deck onto greens on the field.

A company named Upper Deck Golf is offering the experience for three days in April. They also have an event in Washington D.C.’s FedEx Stadium.

The April 19-21 event lets golfers play nine “holes,” which are greens set up on the field. Each golfer gets two balls per hole.

In a foursome, players try to land a ball on the designated green from the upper deck. Land on the green, you get a par. Off the green is a bogie. Within an inner circle near the pin is a birdie. There are also holes-in-one. No word on what happens if you hit the goal post.

Upper Deck says a typical round takes 90 minutes. There are also putting and chipping challenges, music, beer and food.

The 18 golf balls are included in the cost. You can bring your own clubs, but there will also be clubs available to use at each tee box.

A ski-jumping competition in the 1930s at Soldier Field. Credit: Chicago History Museum