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Dramatic Body Cam Video Shows Chicago Police Saving Man From Freezing Lake Michigan: ‘We Got You!’

The officers locked arms to form a human chain to reach the man, who later told them he would have died without them.

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CHICAGO — A harrowing and heroic Chicago Police rescue of a man who slipped into icy Lake Michigan trying to save his dog was captured on dramatic body cam video released Monday.

It happened around 1 p.m. Sunday near Foster Beach.

A 32-year-old man, who name was not released, was walking his dog, Pika, when the 9-month-old American Eskimo mix slipped on the ice and went into the lake, police said.

The man tried to rescue the dog, but also fell in the water.

Two passersby spotted the pending disaster and called police.

By the time officers arrived, the man had gotten Pika out of the water but could not get himself up, police said.

Video footage shows him standing in the water behind a large ice wall at the edge of the lake.

Officers from the Foster (20th) District got on the scene and quickly formed a human chain to get out on the ice. They threw the end of the dog leash to the man and brought him up to the ice chunks.

“Hold on! Lock your arms together!” one officer can be heard shouting to his colleagues on the body cam footage.

The officer at the end of the chain then got the dog’s leash around the man’s chest. The officers then pulled him up as they encouraged the man to fight to save himself.

“Pull yourself up! We got you!” one officer yells.

“Push!” yells another.

“Pull yourself up! C’mon!”

The seemingly exhausted man is then dragged out of the water, over the ice and onto the shore.

“You’re good. You’re good,” one officer says.

“Thank you so much,” the man replies as he’s being pulled out.

He was then rushed to warmth in a waiting police SUV.

The man wanted to be anonymous, but he wrote a letter thanking the officers who rescued him, according to police.

“I have no doubt that I would have died without help,” the man wrote. “I am forever grateful to them.”

The man and his dog have fully recovered, according to the letter, but he advised pet owners to keep dogs away from ice walls at Foster Beach and the dog beach at Montrose.