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CHICAGO — Social media was abuzz Thursday in response to a video of a man casually using a CTA heat lamp to warm up a slice of pizza. 

The man in the video, who has been dubbed a “hero” and “husband material” by online commenters, was actually helping The Infatuation: Chicago with a promotional campaign for the foodie website’s Chicago Winter Survival guide. 

Infatuation spokesman Michael Sinatra alerted Block Club to the video’s origins in a Thursday email.

“Love the reaction we’re getting to this ‘hero,’ and what they’re saying is right… he is ‘husband material,'” Sinatra said. “As in, he is the husband of our writer, Adrian [Kane].” 

Video of the bearded, bundled-up Taylor Kane raising his slice of pepperoni to the heat lamp appeared on The Infatuation’s Instagram page Wednesday evening. It quickly exploded and was reposted to Reddit, Facebook and dozens of other Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Sinatra said the pizza being warmed up in the video is from Pequod’s in Morton Grove, which was recently added to the site’s “best pizza in Chicago” guide. 

As for the winter survival guide, it will round up the places around town worth checking out — even in 14 inches of snow. You can sign up to be notified when it drops here

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