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9-Year-Old Boy Back Home A Day After He Went Missing

Michael Campbell, 9, had gone missing on Tuesday.

Michael Campbell, 9, was reported missing, police said.
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CHICAGO — A 9-year-old boy who went missing Tuesday afternoon has been reunited with his parents.

Michael “Mikey” Campbell, 9, was last seen by his brother during lunch at noon Tuesday at Harvard Elementary School, 7525 S. Harvard Ave., police said. He was found near 74th Street and Vincennes Avenue on Wednesday morning, according to WGN.

Campbell initially did not return to his home, which is a block away from the school, after classes ended at 3 p.m. Tuesday His mother then called police.

His family began searching for him around 4:45 p.m. after realizing he didn’t go to a friend’s house. They searched all night with the help of police.

A backpack resembling his was reportedly found in a nearby alley, but it was not immediately clear if it was his.

His family talked to reporters gathered outside his home.

“Mikey, try to find some way to get in contact with parents, your mom, your dad. Somebody. Anybody,” mother Elmarita Fletcher said, according to CBS. “Baby, please, please come home.”

His father said the walk home should have only taken minutes.

“I don’t know if someone took him right there. But he’s not here. And this is not something that he does,” Michael Campbell said, according to WGN-TV.