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SUE The T. Rex Finds Romance In ‘Love Actually’ Parody For Christmas

SUE gets a kiss with Jeff Goldblum in the sendup of "Love Actually."

SUE the T. rex gives a Jeff Goldblum lookalike a kiss in a parody of "Love Actually."
Field Museum
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CHICAGO — A new video shows the Field Museum’s most famous dinosaur finding love in a sendup of “Love Actually.”

The video shows a dinosaur — presumably the Field’s famous SUE the T. rex, whose new suite just opened — being romanced by a Jeff Goldbum lookalike during the holidays. It parodies a famous scene from “Love Actually,” a movie that focuses on love between different characters at Christmastime.

The clip shows a lone T. rex enjoying the holidays at home when a person in a Goldblum mask rings the door (to the Field Museum, no less). Music plays as Goldblum quietly holds up signs confessing his love for the dinosaur.

“To me, you are perfect,” Goldblum writes.

Goldblum then goes to leave, but SUE chases him down the museum’s steps and plants a big kiss on his face.

Fittingly, SUE has long expressed a deep love for Goldblum, who appeared in the dinosaur movie, “Jurassic Park.”

The Field Museum released the video, which has been watched more than 99,000 times, on Christmas Eve.

Watch the clip:

The scene from “Love Actually”: