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White Christmas In Chicago? Not Without A Holiday Miracle

A small chance of snow on Christmas Eve could be Chicago's only hope for a white Christmas.

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DOWNTOWN — Chicago’s unlikely to get a white Christmas this year.

There is a slight chance for snow, though — and fittingly enough, it could come on Christmas Eve, said Todd Kluber, a National Weather Service meteorologist. There’s about a 20 percent chance a light snow could start on Monday afternoon and go into Christmas morning the next day.

“The likelihood of having a white Christmas in the city is fairly low at this point,” Kluber said. “We may have a few chances of light snow, small chances at that, but if we’re going to focus on any particular period where we could see potential for some light snow across the area it actually would be on Christmas Eve, late Christmas Eve.”

Otherwise, the holidays will be gray and chilly, Kluber said. Monday and Tuesday will see high temperatures in the mid-30s and are expected to have mostly cloudy skies.