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Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

UPS Driver Who Calmly Reacted To A Squirrel Jumping On His Head Says He’s Glad The Video Made People Smile

“What’s nice about this video is, it’s putting a smile on so many people’s faces. That’s the best feeling ever.”

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LINCOLN SQUARE — In his 6 years delivering packages for UPS, Oscar Luciano has encountered many, many animals.

Dogs and cats, for sure. He’s also had a bird land on him and recently met a lizard.

But last week’s run-in with a squirrel, captured on a homeowner’s security camera, went viral as Luciano calmly acquainted himself with the curious critter.

The video shows Luciano dropping off a Zappos package at a Lincoln Square home on Dec. 4. With headphones on, he bobbed his head to the beat while waiting for someone to answer the door.

That’s when the squirrel appears above his right shoulder. It then jumps on his shoulder, walks around a bit and even pauses atop his head to take a look around.

Luciano’s reaction? Mostly just a smile.

“That day it was just unexpected, the squirrel hops on me from out of nowhere. Maybe he thought I was an oversized tree or something,” he said. “I first thought it was a tree branch or something.

“Then I thought it might be a bird, because I’d gotten attacked by a bird before. That time it had made a nest on a customer’s wreath on their door.”

The squirrel stayed on him for nearly 10 seconds before scurrying away as Luciano chuckled.

“Yeah, I’m okay with animals and not scared of them unless they’re vicious or something,” he said. “Helps my day go by.”

“I think he was looking for a spot to bury his food when he decided to hop on my head,” he said. “But you know I’m always running into animals, like dogs and cats. Just yesterday a lady came out with a lizard and she actually placed it on my hand. I love animals, I’m not scared of them.”

Amanda Atkins’ security camera captured the encounter. She told WBBM-TV she had to post it to Facebook because it was so hilarious.

For his part, Luciano is happy the video has led to so many people sharing the story and commenting online about his experience with the curiously chill squirrel.

“What gets to me and is amazing, there’s so many negative things out there. So much hatred,” Luciano said. “What’s nice about this video is, it’s putting a smile on so many people’s faces. That’s the best feeling ever.”

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