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Here’s What To Expect At The ‘Big Lebowski’ Pop-Up Bar Opening Above The Rookery

Creative cocktails made by Alex Brick will include three spins on White Russians and a Bunny Toe with a candy toe.

The Big Lebowski
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UKRAINIAN VILLAGE — A Ukrainian Village bar is about to get a dramatic make…under.

After months of witchy Fleetwood Mac vibes, the pop-up bar above The Rookery, 2109 W. Chicago Ave., is transforming into The Dude’s Abode — dedicated to “The Big Lebowski.”

Opening November 29, The Dude’s Abode will offer three White Russian varieties (of course, the vodka, Kahlua and cream drink preferred by Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski) and decor dedicated to the beloved 1998 Coen brothers film.

“I am sure some of the customers will come in costume,” said Heaven Malone, co-creator of the pop-up.

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A dressed up like Stevie Nicks patron at Rhiannon.

For eight months, Malone has watched fans dressed as Stevie Nicks, decked out in top hats, shawls and lace, show up in droves to Rhiannon, the Fleetwood Mac-inspired pop up bar that The Dude’s Abode will replace. Prior to Rhiannon, a few Jack Nicholson lookalikes frequented the space when it was home to a pop-up inspired by the horror movie, “The Shining.”

The idea for the Lebowski pop-up came from Rookery co-owner Chris Montgomery, who is a big fan of the movie, Malone said.

“Multiple elements from the movie will inform the bar. The Dude has a tiki bar in his apartment, and we will take elements of that. In the patio space, when people walk in, there will be giant inflatable bowling balls and pins,” Malone said. 

A special projection wall in the bar will display gifs people have made from famous lines in the movie, Malone said.

Alex Brick, a mixologist formerly with CH Distillery, will create the drink menu.

Malone said Brick is crafting a trio of White Russians — each representing a different Lebowski.

One version will incorporate an Ensure nutrition shake, while another might contain cereal milk. 

The “Bunny Toe” cocktail, a reference Tara Reid’s role in the movie, will contain an actual candy toe. 

“It’ll be a gummy of some sort,” Malone said of the toe.

Other movie-inspired drinks will include a hangover-inducing “World of Pain” and the Shut the F– Up, Donny or “STFU Donny,” the latter of which will pay homage to a cremated character whose ashes are put in a Folger’s instant coffee tin can. While there will be “a touch of instant coffee in that cocktail,” Malone assured the amount of novelty ingredient will be “too small to be overpowering.” 

Additionally, original artwork made for the pop up will adorn the walls along with “props” Montgomery has amassed through a “nerdy obsessions with the movie,” Malone said.

The bar staff will be dressed in vintage team bowling shirts throughout the pop up.

“You don’t want your bartender wearing a bathrobe,” Malone said. 

To stay updated, visit The Dude’s Abode Facebook page. The pop-up will stay open through January 1 on Thursdays through Sundays.