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Chicago Is Colder Than Alaska Today (And Yes, This November Has Been Brutal So Far)

It's not your imagination: Tuesday is the 8th straight day in a row of below-normal temperatures for Chicago.

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NORTH CENTER — Chicago’s getting hit with its eighth day in a row of unusually chilly weather.

The city got as cold as 19 degrees at O’Hare Airport on Tuesday morning, and temperatures were only expected to hit the mid- to upper 20s during the day, said Ben Deubelbeiss, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

That’s significantly below the average of the normal high temperature of 53 degrees and even the average low of 34 degrees for Nov. 13, Deubelbeiss said. In fact, that means Chicago is colder than Anchorage, Alaska; Toronto, Canada; and even St. Petersburg, Russia.

“I would say it’s a little uncommon but not necessarily unusual to have this amount of cold this early in the season,” Deubelbeiss said.

Temperatures will fall overnight, hitting the mid- to high teens in the Downtown area, Deubelbeiss said.

All of November has been chillier than usual for Chicago, with 10 days so far hitting below-normal temperatures, Deubelbeiss said. And despite the eight days of below-average temperatures, Chicago’s not breaking any records: The record low temperatures for this time of year are only in the single digits.

The cold weather is coming thanks to a “persistent pattern” of cold shots coming from Canada and sweeping over the Great Lakes and Midwest, Deubelbeiss said.

“We’re definitely running below normal for the month so far,” Deubelbeiss said.

Other parts of northern Illinois are even chillier, with western DeKalb and Aurora expected to hit the single digits Tuesday night, Deubelbeiss said.

The good news? We should be back up in the normal range — the mid-40s — by Thursday and Friday.