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SUE The T. Rex Is Coming Back To The Field Museum In December

Yaaas, the queen of all dinosaurs is coming back with a massive new exhibit.

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SOUTH LOOP — SUE, the Field Museum’s enormous T. rex, will soon be back in view.

SUE is an icon at the museum both as the world’s largest, best-preserved T. rex and as the one with a sassy Twitter account with a large following.

But the dinosaur, which graced the museum’s entry hall for years, was disassembled and has been kept out of sight since February as the museum decided to give SUE a private exhibit room.

Come Dec. 21, that room will be open to the public. The exhibit will be 5,100 square feet with interactive displays showing how SUE lived, the world SUE inhabited and how SUE might have interacted with other dinosaurs, according to the Field Museum.

The exhibit will also show off SUE’s sizable physique and their gastralia bones, which resemble belly ribs and which were previously not on display. The changes will help museum visitors understand how large the dino was, the Field Museum said.

“This is the biggest, scariest and most impressive SUE’s ever looked,” said museum President Richard Lariviere in the news release. “We’re excited to finally complete our decades-long plan to put SUE in a proper scientific context alongside our other dinosaurs and offer an experience that really shows off why SUE is widely considered the greatest dinosaur fossil in the world.”

SUE’s old spot by the museum’s entrance is now ruled by Maximo, a titanosaur with an enormous neck and tail.

Credit: Leroyesha Lane/Block Club Chicago
Máximo the Titanosaur