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Snow Is Coming Thursday (But Don’t Worry, It’ll Be Minimal)

The 1- to 1.5-inch expected snowfall is a bit early. The city doesn't typically get its first significant snowfall until closer to December.

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DOWNTOWN — Chicago could get more than an inch of snow during the season’s first significant snowfall that begins Thursday.

The light snowstorm will start about 9 p.m. Thursday and last until 9 a.m. Friday, said Todd Kluber, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

About an inch of snow is expected to hit most of the city, but some parts of Chicago could get another half-inch on top of that, Kluber said.

“It does look like the snow could fall at least heavily enough for a brief period there Thursday night that you could get … a couple slushy spots on area roadways,” Kluber said.

The snowstorm is hitting slightly earlier than normal, as Chicago typically gets it first “significant” accumulation of snow — meaning 1 inch or more — in the first week of December, Kluber said.

It’s not a record, though: Chicago’s gotten snow as early as late October in the past, Kluber said.

“It’s not unprecedented, though, to see a snowfall like this, this early,” Kluber said. “It’s not necessarily … not possible, but it’s something that doesn’t occur frequently for at least this point of November.”

Temperatures are expected to stick around the 30s throughout the weekend.