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You Can Get A Free Flower Bouquet On Election Day Thanks To Flowers For Dreams

Flowers For Dreams will give mini bouquets to Chicagoans who vote on Tuesday.

Flowers For Dreams will give away mini versions of its fall bouquet on Election Day.
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DOWNTOWN — Chicagoans can get free bouquets this Election Day.

The giveaway is being hosted by Flowers For Dreams, a Chicago-based flower company known for donating to a local charity with every sale it makes. They’ll give out mini versions of their fall bouquets on Tuesday.

Flowers For Dreams hopes the move will encourage its fans to vote and make their voice heard on Election Day, said company co-founder Steven Dyme.

“We’ve built some authority on flowers, certainly, and we have a great following and audience that listens to what we say and takes our recommendations seriously,” Dyme said. “So, we’re trying to speak to our audience and say, ‘Hey, if there’s people among you that are disinterested in politics or maybe apathetic … we want to get you to the polls.'”

The company hasn’t yet revealed when and where voters can grab the bouquets, but Dyme said its followers can stay tuned to Flowers For Dreams’ social media accounts for details on Monday.

The florists have been hinting at the giveaway with hundreds of posters that were put up around the city. “What would it take to get you to vote?” the posters say above an image of a hand holding flowers.

“We want to kind of use our superpower, which is flowers, to get people to think about voting and to actually exercise their right,” Dyme said.