Mike and Sheri Jaski, at 6183 N. Caldwell Ave., won this year's Bone-Tastic Award. Credit: Edgebrook Community Association

EDGEBROOK — North Side neighbors are competing for the title of spookiest home from the Edgebrook Community Association.

The competition began earlier this month and winners are split into two categories. One award is given by judges from the neighborhood association and the other is voted on by neighbors via Facebook.

The Edgebrook Community Association has run the competition for several years, said Justin Ochonicki, a member of the group.

The neighborhood has a “keeping up with the Joneses” attitude towards their decorations, he said. As one home adds a crazy clown with a chainsaw to their decor, their next-door-neighbor adds a group of crazy clown kids wielding baseball bats that bang on the ground to up the ante.

“There is a gentleman by the name of Jim Doyle who spends his time decorating his entire home and that includes his garage. Last year it was a haunted house that he invited friends, family, neighborhood people into,” Ochonicki said. “This year he expanded his haunted house so it’s not only the garage, but also part of his yard. It’s actually quite a lengthy thing that he does because he just loves Halloween so much.”

[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=1J0h8ECM6_6em4WSL66KoN5m3-84&w=640&h=480]

On Saturday, the association announced their picks for this year’s contest. But voting for the neighbor’s choice award is still happening and that winner will be announced at midnight on Thursday. To vote on the neighbor’s choice award visit the Edgebrook Community Association’s Facebook page.

Below are the top three 2018 Spookiest Home winners selected by judges from the Edgebrook Community Association. The full list of winners can be found here.

Chris and Violica Speropoulos’ home at 6560 N. Hiawatha Ave. won the grand prize from judges. Credit: Images courtesy Edgebrook Community Association
The Dalkin and Pikarski family at 6420 N. Navajo Ave. were given the runner up award by judges. 6420 Navajo Credit: Images courtesy Edgebrook Community Association
Judges awarded Jim Doyle at 6300 N. Legett Ave. the Reigning King of Halloween award. He also has a home made haunted house set up in his home’s garage and yard. Credit: Images courtesy Edgebrook Community Association

Halloween decor across the city 

Block Club also asked readers across the city to share photos of Halloween decorations that have caught their eye or they were proud of. Here is some of what they shared.

“We love Halloween because we get to play fairytale right along with the kids. It’s a time for neighbors to connect and celebrate the magic of fantasyland,” Guinevere Moore said, who lives at 3819 N. Tripp Ave. Credit: Photo courtesy Guinevere Moore.

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