A new video from the Shedd Aquarium shows a group of kids making a meal for the aquarium's otters. Credit: Shedd Aquarium

SOUTH LOOP — A group of kids got to handmake a meal for the Shedd Aquarium’s four otters.

The kids got to explore the Shedd’s gardens, where vegetables for the aquarium’s animals are grown organically. Afterward, they mixed up a platter of shrimp, fish, clams, squid and flavorless Jell-O to serve up to the Shedd’s otters: Yaku, Kiana, Luna and Ellie.

“The otters have their own favorite treats,” a Shedd employee tells the kids. “We have some that love Jell-O and we have some that love the formula a lot more.”

Watch the video:

YouTube video

The kids slipped Jell-O cubes into shrimp and smeared “formula,” a mix of clams and water, along a platter that was then served to the otters.

The video shows the otters clamoring for the platter of food and then swimming around it and eating.

Otters eat about 25 percent of their body weight daily — and the kids at the Shedd would have to eat 300 chicken nuggets a day to keep up with the otters, according to the video.

The video is part of a new series from the Shedd called “Sea Curious.” The video follows a group of kids as they explore the Shedd and ask questions like, “What does animal poop look like?” and “What animals have superpowers?”

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