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Cards Against Humanity Is Now Selling Candy … And Begging You To Vote

"OH GOD PLEASE VOTE," the candy bag says.

Cards Against Humanity is selling Remember to Vote Worms for Halloween.
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CHICAGO — Cards Against Humanity is using candy to lure Americans to the polls this year.

The Chicago-based card game company is selling gummy worms, branded as Remember to Vote Worms, ahead of Halloween in hopes its supporters will give them to trick-or-treaters and remind them to vote. Halloween comes just a week before Election Day this year.

“This Halloween, be the scariest house on the block by reminding your neighbors of the impending collapse of our nation’s political system!” a website for the candy says. “When they say ‘trick or treat,’ give them a bag of Cards Against Humanity’s Remember to Vote Worms.”

No, this isn’t a joke. The candy is real, as is the purpose behind it: Cards Against Humanity really wants people to vote in the midterms (for Democrats, according to its FAQ). The packaging for the gummy worms even reminds trick-or-treaters that Election Day is Nov. 6.

The gummy worms come in five flavors: Due Process Cherry, Rule of Law Lemon-Lime, Separation of Church and Grape, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Blueberry and Our Political System is Backsliding into Authoritarianism Mango.

“Now even candy is political!” the site for the candy says. One section implores viewers, “OH GOD PLEASE VOTE.”

A 12-pack of the candy costs $8.95 and can be ordered online. The gummy worms are only available in the United States, and there’s a limited supply.

Cards Against Humanity has become more actively political, even launching a campaign called “Cards Against Humanity Hacks the Election” where it offers supporters a chance to get free cards if they help try to flip swing districts from Republican to Democrat.