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Wicker Park, Bucktown, West Town

Ride Share Driver Shot At After Honking At Car, Bullets Hit West Town Home

No one was in the West Town bedroom when the bullet went through a window and lodged in a wall.

A bullet went through the window of a West Town home early Sunday morning.
Alisa Hauser/Block Club Chicago
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WEST TOWN — A ride share driver who honked at a car that nearly crashed into him ended up getting chased and shot at by people in the other car — and one bullet may have pierced a bedroom wall in a nearby home.

The road rage played out on Ashland Avenue in West Town just after 5:30 a.m. Sunday. In its aftermath, homeowners found that a bullet had gone through an upper-floor bedroom and into a wall. Another bullet damaged the home’s siding.

“It is crazy that a family can wake up to find bullet holes in their home on a Sunday morning,” said one of the homeowners. “We hope this reminds people to be civil to each other, and that guns are too easily accessible.”

Police said at 5:38 a.m. Sunday, a man who lives in the 1600 block of West Huron Street with his family heard “several gunshots in the area.” When he woke up a few hours later, he discovered a bullet hole in one of his home’s bedroom windows, according to Officer Laura Amezaga, a Chicago Police spokeswoman.

Amezaga said the 43-year-old man found “a bullet lodged into the bedroom wall,” and that another bullet, which had ricocheted off the home, damaged the aluminum siding.

Credit: Alisa Hauser/Block Club Chicago
Bullet damage on the home’s facade.

The bedroom was empty when the bullet went through the window, according to the homeowner.

The homeowners thanked police, who are investigating the incident.

“We are appreciative to the 12th district police for investigating, knowing that they are thinly stretched with resources,” the homeowner said. 

On Sunday, an administrator of the West Town Public Safety Committee Facebook page posted about the incident on behalf of the homeowners, who credited police for “connecting the dots” between the road rage incident and the bullets that hit their home.

Amezaga could not confirm that the bullets which hit the home were from the shooting that started just east of the home, but said police are investigating both incidents. Police responded to a call of shots fired around 5:35 a.m. Sunday in the 1500 block of West Huron Avenue, Amezaga said.

Credit: Google Maps
The Ashland and Huron intersection.

Amezaga said a 27-year-old man, who works for a ride share company, told police he was at a stop sign at Huron and Ashland Avenue, facing west, when a gray Nissan car with four people inside made a left turn on to Huron from Ashland and were “about to strike the man’s car head on.”

The ride share driver beeped his horn at the other car and that’s apparently when the trouble started.

The driver of the Nissan then passed the victim’s car on the passenger side and the victim said he heard gunshots hitting his car, Amezaga said.

Amezaga said the driver of the Nissan turned the car around and drove east on Huron after the shooting. No injuries were reported, Amezaga said.

Mohamed Muchana, a cashier at Marathon gas station, 649 N. Ashland Ave., said on Monday that he was working early Sunday and heard the gunshots — but didn’t see the incident unfold.

“At first I thought it was fireworks, then police came and told me it was gunshots. I was surprised,” Muchana said.