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Mexican Independence Day Revelers Celebrated In Front Of Trump Tower This Weekend

"I love mi gente," one woman wrote of the protest in front of Trump Tower.

People gathered outside Trump Tower on Mexican Independence Day.
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DOWNTOWN — A large crowd celebrated Mexican Independence Day by protesting in front of Trump Tower this weekend.

Mexican Independence Day — commemorated on Sept. 16 — was celebrated in a variety of ways across the city, where Mexican flags were attached to cars and families gathered for barbecues and parties. One group of revelers, however, had a more political agenda in mind: they brought their party to Trump Tower, to celebrate their heritage in front of a building owned by President Donald Trump, who has famously referred to Mexican immigrants as “criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.” and who has pushed for a wall between Mexico and the United States.

One video showing the Trump Tower crowd has been shared widely on social media and racked up more than 650,000 views and 45,000 likes since Sunday afternoon. The video shows cars stopped in front of the tower, many of them flying Mexican flags, as Spanish-language music plays and people honk their car horns.

“I saw a video on FB of Mexicans outside of a Trump tower blasting Mexican music and with their Mexican flags in honor of Mexican Independence Day,” one woman wrote of the celebration. “lmfaoooo I love mi gente.”

“BRUHHHH THE best part about this is when ALL the cars and [trucks] with the big Mexican flags on them all went to Trump tower and parked there and started celebrating!!” another person wrote on Twitter.

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated throughout the world by Mexican people. The holiday celebrates the day Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costillo first rallied Mexicans and started the Mexican War of Independence in 1810.

How people celebrated the holiday in Chicago: