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There’s A Harry Potter-Themed Menu Coming To Elizabeth Restaurant

Could butterbeer and chocolate frogs appear on the menu?

Elizabeth, the restaurant, will have a "Harry Potter"-inspired menu.
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CHICAGO — The magic of Harry Potter is coming to Elizabeth, one of the city’s most famous restaurants.

Elizabeth, which has received one Michelin star, will feature Potter-inspired dishes in January and February as part of its rotating menu, according to an email from the restaurant crew to fans.

The Potter books rarely skimped on food descriptions (especially when it came to feasts in Hogwarts’ Great Hall), and the staff at the restaurant at 4835 N. Western Ave. is looking to those scenes for inspiration.

“We are revisiting the books on tape to get inspiration now,” the restaurant’s crew wrote in the email. “There’s many beautiful food references. SO EXCITED. Who’s ready to get nerdy about Harry Potter?”

Tickets for the “Harry Potter Inspirations” menu will go on sale in late September. Elizabeth sells tickets online.

Though the email doesn’t hint at what could be up on the menu, the Harry Potter books often mixed traditional Muggle fare — like turkey and flaming Christmas pudding — with magical treats like butterbeer, chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every-flavor Beans. (Let’s hope they keep the series’ blood-flavored lollipops and Fudge Flies off the menu.)