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SUE The T. Rex And The Shedd Aquarium Got Into A (Friendly) Twitter Fight

SUE started it.

The Shedd Aquarium and SUE the (sassy) T. rex are trading barbs on Twitter. [Elias Levy/Flickr and DNAinfo Chicago]
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SOUTH LOOP — SUE the T. rex might not be the star of Field Museum’s great hall anymore, but the dino is still a diva.

The dinosaur proved that when SUE started a tongue-in-cheek Twitter battle with the Shedd Aquarium on Tuesday.

The friendly spat started when the Shedd Aquarium announced it would answer fans’ questions on Facebook Live. SUE, famous for their cheeky Twitter personality, couldn’t resist poking fun at the aquarium, tweeting back, “Ah yes, I have a question: If you put legs on a shark, why do you think it would still lose in a fight with a T. rex?”

The Shedd and SUE debated the point for a moment before the Shedd fired back with a low blow: “Only one of us survived mass extinction, jussayin.”

“Tell that to the pigeon that took a dump on your car this morning,” SUE replied.

The Shedd eventually conceded.

Of course, it makes sense SUE would start the fight — the T. rex, at a whopping 67 million years old, qualifies as the Shedd’s sassy older sibling, and we all know how annoying those are.

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