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If Chicago Were A Potato Chip, What Flavor Would It Be?

Lay's and Giordano's are making deep dish pizza chips — but should they make these other Chicago flavors instead?

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DOWNTOWN — With news that Lay’s will release Giordano’s-inspired deep dish pizza chips, we ask ourselves: What about the beef combo?

Or Malort? Or pizza puffs and giardiniera and hot dogs slathered in mustard? Do these fine Chicago food icons not also deserve a chip flavor?

Alas, it looks like — for now — deep dish chips are all we’ll receive. Lay’s plans to release the limited-edition flavor (and other unique flavors, like lobster roll and Thai sweet chili chips) in late July, according to the Takeout.

The chips are themed around regions, with the Giordano’s deep dish chips meant to represent the “heartland” of the United States.

But we know there are many more flavors that could represent Chicago (and the rest of the United States). So Block Club Chicago asked its readers, “If you could choose a chip flavor that represents Chicago, what would it be?”

Here’s what they suggested: