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Meet Máximo The Titanosaur, The Field Museum’s Ridiculously Large New Tenant

Sue the tyrannosaurus rex is getting a new home at the Field Museum. Enter Máximo, a cast of a giant Titanosaur.

Máximo the Titanosaur
Leroyesha Lane/Block Club Chicago
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MUSEUM CAMPUS — Goodbye for now, Sue. Hello Máximo.

The Field Museum’s famous T-rex Sue has been booted from her premier spot in the museum’s main hall in favor of a new dinosaur more suited to the enormous space. (Sue will be getting a fancy new home next year).

Enter Máximo, a Titanosaur that fills the huge hall just fine.

Installed earlier this summer, Máximo is a cast of a dinosaur (not the real bones, like Sue, although some bones are displayed nearby). He stretches 122 feet across the Stanley Field Hall and stands 28 feet tall at the head.

A Tinanosaur is the biggest animal ever to live. “Its longer than a blue whale!” the Field Museum notes.

All photos by Block Club Chicago’s Leroyesha Lane:

Credit: Leroyesha Lane/Block Club Chicago
Credit: Leroyesha Lane/Block Club Chicago