Facebook/Tracy Maureen
Credit: Facebook/Tracy Maureen

ALBANY PARK — An arrow hit a dog being walked by a woman in an Albany Park alley Saturday night, injuring the pet, police said.

The incident was documented in a Facebook post by the dog’s shocked owner, Tracy Maureen, who also posted a photo of the arrow.

It happened at 7 p.m. Saturday while they were near Jensen Park, 4650 N. Lawndale Ave., Maureen posted.

“The cops believe someone may have been shooting from indoors or on a porch,” she added. “PLEASE be safe and aware. No matter how prepared you are, this could happen to anyone. We are honestly in so much shock.”

Laura Amezaga, a Chicago police spokesperson, said Maureen was walking her dog in an alley when she heard a noise and saw an arrow on the ground near her. She says Maureen didn’t initially notice anything unusual but once inside her apartment she saw Quincy was bleeding from the right rear limb and noticed a small cut.

Maureen said she was appreciative of the interest in what happened to her dog but declined to comment for this story.

The dog, Quincy, is recovering.

“She is ok, we are monitoring the wound and have flushed and cleaned it out. She is a little shocked I think but she doesn’t ever show her pain,” Maureen said in a comment on her initial post on Sunday.

“It was in the thigh and seems to have only stuck in the muscle. We think it could bounced off the garage in the alley and hit her. We didn’t have to pull it out or anything — in fact, we didn’t realize she had been hit right away.”

The arrow in the photo Maureen posted has the words “bloodline” written across it and appears to be an Easton Bloodline arrow shaft with a “field point” on the tip, which are typically designed “to be shot into bag targets, foam targets or grass-type targets,” according to the Michigan Bowhunter Education Course.

“Arrow was inventoried. No offenders in custody. No further information,” said Amezaga.