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DTF? CTA Bans OKCupid Ads For Profanity

The advertising campaign asks if couples are "DTFall head over heels," among other things.

New OKCupid ads ask if Chicagoans are "DTF" -- but not in that way. [Provided]
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DOWNTOWN — OKCupid’s latest ad campaign, which asks if Chicagoans are “DTF” (no, not that kind of DTF), has been banned in some corridors of the city.

DTF typically stands for “down to,” er, make love. But OKCupid’s ads change it up to promote meaningful relationships over quick hookups. Ads ask if people are “DTFight about the president,” “DTFire up the kiln” or “DTFall head over heels.” They feature images of couples (including one woman with four arms), as well as one with suggestively placed soccer balls and a football.

“… We felt a responsibility — and opportunity — to play a part in changing the conversation about dating culture and empowering each individual to expand the meaning of DTF in a way that reflects what they want from dating,” said Melissa Hobley, OKCupid chief marketing officer, according to a news release.

But even with the redefining of DTF, the ads were too racy for some groups. Several city agencies, including the CTA, declined to run the ad campaign, according to OKCupid.

The CTA refused to run the ads because its advertising guidelines prohibit profanity, a spokesman said.

The dating website was “surprised and disappointed” the ads weren’t approved, with Hobley saying DTF “is a phrase that needs to be redefined.”

“It’s a shame that the city isn’t helping us redefine this phrase but we’re looking forward to exploring additional, more open-minded outlets to showcase the impactful ad creative,” Hobley said.

But the ads have been OK’d elsewhere, and they’re visible in River North, Wicker Park, West Town and other neighborhoods, an OKCupid spokeswoman said.

More of the ads: