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Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Globe Pub Has The Perfect Urinals When World Cup Fans Have To Goooooooooo!

Bend it like Beckham at your own risk in this North Center pub's bathroom.

Image courtesy The Globe Pub.
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NORTH CENTER — The Globe Pub installed wee soccer goals in the men’s bathroom to celebrate the 21st FIFA World Cup.

In the urinals, specifically.

The bar is known for hosting viewing parties for international events like the royal weddings  and big soccer games. And since reopening after some renovations on June 8, it’s been a hub for Chicagoans following the World Cup.

In a Facebook post last week, the bar announced it was expanding their decor to the men’s urinals with tiny soccer goals.

Megan Kosmensky, the bar’s general manager, said her boss ordered the goals, which include a pea-sized soccer ball, online and then shipped them to the bar so they could be installed.

“The soccer ball on the goal is actually hanging on by a piece of fishing wire, so when the guys are doing their thing they can aim at the ball. A lot of people have been joking about having a ‘shootout’ in the bathroom. I think deep down at heart everyone has a 12-year-old’s humor,” she said. “So far no one has taken one. I think that would be gross and hilarious at the same time if someone tried.”

The next World Cup matches The Globe Pub will show is France vs. Belgium at 1 p.m on Tuesday, Croatia vs. England at 1 p.m. on Wednesday and the tournament’s third place match at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

A full schedule of events at The Globe Pub can be found online at