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DOWNTOWN — Though it’s reviled by many Chicagoans, Lincoln Towing still has a right to operate, an Illinois Commerce Commission judge said.

The company has faced hundreds of complaints and was even the subject of a song, “Lincoln Park Pirates.” The Illinois Commerce Commission announced in February 2016 that it would investigate the company to determine if it would be allowed to keep its license. Now, a judge for the commission wrote that the company “is fit, willing and able to provide relocation towing service,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

The recommendation doesn’t mean Lincoln Towing will stick around, though, as the final decision is up to the commissioners of the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Lincoln Towing faced 464 complaints over a 21-month period that ended in in October 2017, according to numbers provided to DNAinfo Chicago. Lincoln Towing said the number of complaints was “miniscule,” and officials said 38 percent of the complaints were dismissed without further investigation.

Drivers complained the company had overcharged them, improperly prepared invoices and towed cars that were parked properly, among other things.

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