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Meet Newsy, The Shelter Pup Who Block Club Readers Helped Name

Newsy should be up for adoption through PAWS Chicago soon.

Newsy should soon be up for adoption at PAWS Chicago. [Provided by PAWS Chicago]
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DOWNTOWN — Block Club Chicago supporters helped pick the perfect name for the city’s newest pooch.

Block Club Chicago asked readers to suggest names for a PAWS Chicago pooch, and the shelter’s staff got to choose the winner. Its pick: Newsy, which has been bestowed on an adorable, 2-month-old shepherd mix who just arrived at the shelter.

The best part? Little Newsy will soon be up for adoption as PAWS looks for the right family for him.

“Newsy was a little shy upon arrival but has quickly come out of his shell thanks to belly rubs and tasty treats,” said Sarah McDonald, a PAWS Chicago spokeswoman. “He’s an inquisitive puppy who is always on the hunt for the exclusive scoop on the best toys to play with.”

Carly Behm, a journalism student at Loyola University, submitted the winning name. Behm was strategic with her pick: She thought others would suggest Chicago-centric names and she wanted to stand out.

“Being a journalism student … I thought I’d go with something cute and, y’know, journalisty,” Behm said. “Obviously I just hope that little Newsy gets a nice, loving home.”

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Behm said it would be cool if Newsy could be trained to serve people in the city, but she’ll be happy as long as he has “an owner that loves him and treats him well” and gives Newsy “all the love.”

Other suggested names included Bark Griswold, Spot E. Pippen, Bark Opawma, Sir Pupsley von Barkington and Doggy McDogface.

It was hard to choose a name, but PAWS Chicago settled on Newsy because it was “not only adorable, but also fitting given he gets to be a Block Club Chicago star,” McDonald said.

Newsy was brought to Chicago from Oklahoma, and he’s “excited to see what life in the big city has to offer!” McDonald said.

The pup isn’t up for adoption yet, but fans can check the PAWS Chicago website for updates.

“Newsy is excited to find a home to call his own and promises to shower his new family with kisses,” McDonald said.