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Lincoln Park, Old Town

Wiener’s Circle Mocks Trump’s ‘Tiny Hands, Tiny Heart,’ Calls For Migrant Children To Be Freed

The hot dog stand frequently uses its sign to mock President Donald Trump

The Wieners Circle is mocking President Donald Trump with a new message on its sign. [Wikimedia Commons and Wieners Circle/Twitter]

CHICAGO — The Wiener’s Circle is using its famously sassy sign to call for migrant children to be “freed.”

The sign references the Trump administration’s crackdown on undocumented immigration, which has led to migrant children being forcibly separated from their parents.

“Tiny hands, tiny wiener, tiny heart,” the sign says. “Free the kids.”

The Wiener’s Circle tweeted a photo of the sign alongside the message, “If we’re gonna cage kids, let’s start [with] Don Jr., Ivanka & Eric,” referring to the three oldest children of President Donald Trump.

The separation policy has prompted widespread outrage, and a protest is planned in Chicago and at other cities throughout the country. Photos have shown some children being held in large cages, while audio from ProPublica revealed children crying and begging for their parents while workers mocked them.

It’s not the first time the hot dog joint has used its sign to get political. The Lincoln Park eatery has mercilessly mocked Trump, offering 3-inch hot dogs to mock the president and poking fun at his firing of former FBI Director James Comey.