Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, 1010 W. Webster Ave. Credit: Google Maps

LINCOLN PARK — A burglar broke into a Lincoln Park church and stole thousands of dollars from its Christmas mass collections overnight Monday.

The burglar used a crowbar to pry a window open and sneak into Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, 1010 W. Webster Ave., police said.

The burglar got into the church’s offices and safe, making away with its collections from Sunday and Christmas Day masses, said Robert Beatty, a spokesperson for the church.

“While some of the damages are expected to be recovered, the parish will sustain a significant portion yet to be determined,” Beatty said.

Saint Vincent de Paul has set up a GoFundMe page aiming to recover the stolen money, which goes toward parish outreach programs, religious education programs for children, operations and other ministries.

“Despite the unfortunate news, we are thankful to everyone who contributed to making our Christmas celebrations so beautiful and meaningful,” Beatty said.