Today is Giving Tuesday, and you’ve probably gotten several emails already with flashy ads asking for your support. Unlike many of the folks you’re hearing from, Block Club doesn’t have a giant fundraising team and marketing department honing an end-of-year pitch. Our business team has three people because our budget overwhelmingly funds the news — the reporters who are out in the neighborhoods, keeping you informed.

When you needed clear answers in a sea of misinformation during the pandemic, our reporters hit the pavement every day to ask tough questions and hold our leaders accountable. We launched a free hotline to help Chicagoans, balancing public health reporting with the context of your real, human stories of struggle and loss.

We exposed sweeping racial inequities in traffic stops across Chicago. We blew open the Loretto Hospital vaccination scandal and revealed COVID-19 testing companies were giving inaccurate and fake results. And we’ve exposed wrongdoing in Chicago’s aldermanic offices, acting as a much-needed watchdog.

Our reporting has changed laws and led to criminal FBI investigations, the closing of hundreds of questionable COVID-19 testing sites and the ousting of top officials.

Community-focused. Reader-funded. Journalist-run.

Support Chicago’s neighborhood news. Support Block Club today.

While other news outlets, large and small, have made cuts, our reporters have been a constant presence you rely on. They care so deeply about Chicago and work every day to make this city a more equitable one. We see it behind the scenes, and we know it’s evident in the journalism they produce.

So, this Giving Tuesday, we want to show them some love. Any tax-deductible donation you make today will go directly to our reporting team— the ones who bug your alderman and show up to neighborhood meetings so you don’t have to.

We’ve made it easier than ever to support Block Club Chicago: Click here to see all the ways you can donate to help fund our work. And, of course, if you aren’t already a subscriber, please consider joining today.

Thank you for keeping local news alive in this great city, 

Jen Sabella
Executive Editor + Co-founder 

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