A piece of a concrete retaining wall off a CTA line fell and crushed two cars on Thursday morning. Credit: Grant Zastrow

ROGERS PARK — A piece of a concrete CTA retaining wall fell loose Thursday morning, crushing two cars parked on the street in Rogers Park.

It happened about 4:45 a.m. near the 7100 block of North Glenwood Avenue, a Chicago Police Department spokesman said.

Both cars were damaged and are unable to be driven. The street was still closed off as of 9 a.m. Police said there were no injuries reported.

CTA spokeswoman Irene Ferradaz said a “small portion of the east retaining wall fell away from the viaduct structure.”

Crews arrived Thursday morning to check the area for any structural issues and they reported none.

Ferradaz said the concrete experienced “spalling,” where pieces can flake and fall off.

“This happens with older concrete,” she said. “CTA workers removed the debris and are checking the surrounding structures and have found no other issues.”

As of 2 p.m., the CTA said workers had removed the debris.

“Although there is no indication of any larger deterioration issues, out of an abundance of caution crews are performing a complete inspection of the area and will perform other repairs as needed,” a spokesman said.

Red and Purple Line trains will continue to operate normally.

Video courtesy of Vicky Garcia

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